What to Expect . . . And What We Expect


YOU will eventually be expected to run 3-5 days a week and race as often as you can. If you are new to the sport we will gradually get you there…too much too fast is not good.

You need conditioning (distance running) and specific workouts (tempo runs and intervals) to reach race goals. You may have ‘superstar’ goals or ‘just want to finish the race without walking’ goals. The coaches and team will help you reach your goal whatever it is. You will understand better once the season is under way… TRUST YOUR COACHES!

Running is a lot about focus and conditioning even more than talent. Strength training especially in hip & shoulder areas are also important. When you are running and strength for the first time you may get really sore. In this case a day off, especially early in the season, can help just to pick up your legs again, it’s OK! Just try to run about 4 days a week.

So… there is a balance…you will learn it, be honest with yourself and your coaches, just try to do the workouts right and watch for the results…you will like them…I promise!!


You have lots of daily habits; devotions, eating, sleeping, chores, and whatever.  Do strength work and stretch!  Make it part of your schooling!  Run every day that you can!   Also, swim, bike, xc ski, snow shoe, or run indoor track. The more you run the more you will feel like it, and the less you run the less you feel like it.

Run for 15-75 minutes every day that you can, but don’t take more than one day off in a row.

Keep some kind of log of your daily/weekly/monthly running miles for yourself. You can also record biking miles and swimming miles, since they are conditioning work too.

The basic High School training pattern for off season elite is 6 days of running, one day off.  Run 2-3 days hard (intervals/fartlek/race/time trial) and the rest at distance or tempo with at least one long run.  If you want more specific workouts you can email your log to me on Sundays, and I will email workouts one week at a time.  I will only do this for those who commit to actually following the training schedule I set which is 6 days a week.

4-6 graders run distance 2-4 days a week.

A Note About Competitiveness - From Coach Pfarr

For some of you competing will become what it is all about! Others, you’re in it for the fun and to just not place last! Others just want prizes! Any of these, or something in between, is great.

Be honest about your goals. They can and probably will change as you experience racing! Competing with others and improving on your own PR (personal best record) are fun!

We are a competitive racing team. I will do my best to help get you to the level you desire in running and hopefully have fun doing it!

My coach and mentor is a national level running and race walking coach, including many Olympians. He professionally coaches men and woman’s college cross country and track. College running scholarships are still available for those interested and good enough. I ran division II on a 5 year scholarship and it shaped my life forever not to mention was a blast!

If you are still unsure about running with the EAGLES why don’t you try running with the team at no obligation for a few weeks and then decide? It is never too late in the season to join.  Hope to run with you soon!  Coach Pfarr