Information About Track

TRACK includes running and non running events on and around a 200 or 400 meter track. Training for track will vary depending on age and events competing in. Hurdles & field events (jumps & throws) are offered as long as we have coaches.

INDOOR Track & Field is in March for High School Athletes (Grade 9-12). We train at the Beloit YMCA some days and some nights as the track is available. A YMCA membership is required. EAGLES who need membership can ASK coach Pfarr about how to get special YMCA pricing.

OUTDOOR Track & Field is April - May for grades 4-12. Season start up times vary by grade/age. We meet at 5:15 - 7:00PM on Monday - Thursday, and at addional times or locations depending on track availability and schedules. Practices are mainly at the Clinton MS track. SEE CALENDAR for specific times and places.

TRACK running events include the 50, 100, 200, & 400 meter sprints, the 800, 1 mile, and 2 mile runs(HS only), 55/60, 100 & 300 hurdles, and 4 runner relays of various distances.

TRACK field events include shot put, discus, long jump, high jump, and triple jump(HS only).
Field events and hurdles are ONLY available if we have coaches. 

You will need a good pair for training shoes. A pair of running/training shoes will last longer and perform better if used for running ONLY. They will last between 250 miles and 500 miles depending on several factors. As a general rule when your knees, ankles, or shins get achy it is time to replace them. Runners Image in Rockford, or running stores in Madison offer custom fit and fair pricing. Being properly fit for trainer WILL make a difference. Most running stores give a 10% team discount if you ask. Specialty running stores don’t often carry youth sizes so you will have to just do your best at Shopko, Kohls, Rogans, Shoe Carnival, or other local chain stores. ASK coach how to fit your child for running shoes.

Online shopping is great once you know what works for you in a shoe. I like sites like EastBay, DickPonds, and Running Warehouse, but there are so many options on the web! Have fun finding your best deals. 

A lighter pair of racing flats and/or spikes are optional, but great if you want to be more competitive. Gently used spikes are available for issue at a first come first get basis at registration. Cost to ISSUE a pair of spikes for the season is $5.

Keep in mind there are voluntary COACH positions that NEED to be filled by parents and others; Besides coaching we need meet photographers, practice helpers/timers, meet helpers/timers, snacks and drinks coordinator for meets, meet set up, banquet coordinator(s), fundraising, etc. Just step up and do it if you are available.  

Wondering What You Should  Expect?


Race Fees: $70 HS Indoor season  $40one/30ea additional HS & MS Outdoor season (see registration)

Racing singlet: $20 (HS & MS)

Team Hoody: $30 cotton $40 tech (HS & MS)

Racing Shorts: $20 (HS ONLY)  MS may also order the orange HS short but its optional

An optional EAGLES team t-shirt are available for $10 (long sleeve $15) each for runners, family, and friends who want to show team spirit. It is one of our fundraisers and a great way to show support for the team!  SCHOLARSHIPS are available if fees are a burden, ASK!